St. Aidan's Church

St. Aidan’s Church was built in 1906 to serve the growing population who came to work on the busy railway line and cattle market.  Today we serve a population that continues to grow as people use the village as a base to commute from. 
Our worship is traditional and welcoming.
Everyone, whether local or visitor, is most welcome and we hope you encounter our living God as we meet together to worship each week in this wonderful part of the Yorkshire Dales.

For more information or to enquire about weddings or baptisms please contact our churchwardens 

Halton West Mission Church

Our Mission Church is located in the small hamlet of Halton West. Nestled alongside a row of small cottages it is a privately owned estate chapel holding monthly BCP services for the small and dispersed farming community.

With its gallery, east facing holy table it is a jewel in the parish's places of worship.